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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 17, 2009 5:00pm-5:41pm EDT

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being trance transformed by the fringe media. i like what our founders set up, you know what i mean? if you are in congress and you are watching, or you work with somebody or you know somebody in congress, i encourage you, please, please become one of the 56. you know what's happening better than anybody else. you know where the bodies are buried. i hope that isn't literal, but help us please, please. clean up the country. clean up the corruption. get rid of the special favors, the special interests. it belongs to we, the people, not to those people! republicans, democrats, independents, are you telling me we can't solve any crisis, any problem? are you telling me we can't build a car better than anybody else in the world? you're telling me that we can't have the best healthcare in the world and share it with everybody else? of course we can. have energy? yes! once we have honest brokers at the table who aren't beholden
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to special interests and building their own damn airports. by the way, we now have our very first of the 56. will you put this up? the very first of the 56. we got one! it's a start. they are now working on your behalf to root out the corruption in their own party first. i'm waiting for that next call. senator, congressmen, will it be you? i hope so. >> covering ice cream socials and then to the cover of "time" magazine. what does glenn have in store for us next?
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glenn: so, refounders have to promise -- remember, the refounders project where we get people in washington that will rat on their own party. refounder have to, when they call or contact us, they have to be willing to actually do this and know they won't get a bit of publicity. no one will know who they are. we have had one that has been on the fence for a while, and he just watched the opening of the program and he saw what happened today, and he said make that two. two refounders. gee now that there's two, are they in the democrat party or the republican party?
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i hope you in washington don't become paranoid. it is constitution day. i feel like singing. ♪ it's constitution day but i take it seriously and i know you do, too. our founding fathers signed a document that would forever make this nation the greatest democracy republic in the world if we paid attention to it. the document that should be preserved, protected an defended, our leaders have promised they would, but have you noticed lately some of those promises, you know, aren't always kept. watch.
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>> i barack hussein obama swear to defend and protect the constitution of the united states, the original constitution, i think it is an imperfect document and a document that he reflects some deep flaws in american culture, the colonial culture based on that time. i think we can say that the constitution reflected an enormous blind spot in the culture in that the framers had that same blind spot. it also reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day. >> i timothy geithner will
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support an defend the constitution of the united states, that congress has legislated in the emergency stabilization act arrange a very important new authority. >> what in the constitution could you point to to give authority to the treasury for the extraordinary actions that have been taken? >> every action that the treasury and the fed and the fdic has been using authority granted by this body, by the congress. >> and in the constitution, what could you point to? >> under the laws of the land, of course. >> if you could point to what point in the constitution would give authority to the federal reserve? ought congress has the right to authorize funds which is what they did in the tarp program. we have taken it solely for protecting the american economy from the effects of a financial collapse. >> the constitution as almost every justice will tell you is, in fact, a living document. the constitution moves with us through time and space. it is a living document that
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we all must adopt within the confines in which we live. >> do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states? >> i do. >> it turns out, we actually need an international criminal court. we actually need one. it served the purposes of the bush administration. >> i think if they were smart, they would say let's use an international criminal court to support a human rights agenda. glenn: look out, washington, because this is all of our
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country, not yours. you actually work for us. i don't know if you picked that up. you should pick up the constitution and read it, because the american people, we the people, are about to fire you all. i'll show you how ordinary people have made just an extraordinary difference, next. to other people,
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today. the house voted again to defund the group, this time from receiving any federal funding, not just from the housing an urban development department. 7 a lawmakers voted to keep giving acorn taxpayer dollars, all democrats. the 24-year-old yale lab technician accused of killing a grad student at the university appeared in court. raymond clark did not enter a plea. the obama administration is scrapping plans for a missile defense system in eastern europe. defense secretary robert gates said it reflects the changing nature of the threat from iran. glenn beck returns in a moment but first bret baier. >> coming up, a report states that iran is closer than ever to a nuclear bomb on the same day that the president announced the shift in the missile defense shield in eastern europe. we have team coverage and much more. join me in 28 minutes for "special report," but now back to glenn beck.
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glenn: there is so much of the news that i don't really understand. this morning, i got up and i had to call my daughter at 6:45 and i said "honey, just don't go by a newsstand for the next week, because your dad is on the cover of time." it's a mad man. oh, yeah. the family loves it. no, they really do it's funny, because i read this stuff. i read what the fringe media says about me, and really, you. this article talks about how i'm stoking fear and anger, and yeah, profiting off of fear and anger. yet in "time" magazine, this story is flu phobia, how fear goes viral and what you can do, and the meltdown, one year later, why the system is still broken. panic, everybody! do they see it? i don't think they do. you and i apparently are just, you know, mindless rednecks and you do whatever i tell you
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to do. this shouldn't have been the cover of time. this should have been the cover of time, because once again, the fringe media just -- you told me in advance, like, hold it up. there we go. do you expect me to listen? the media doesn't get it. they blame me and completely underestimate you. maybe the fringe media should spend more time looking into the possibility that the 9/12ers and the tea party protestors are not mindly fox news zombies and they're just actually concerned citizens, but that's not the story line that abc and cbs and nbc need, you know, so they can go down their own path. look at how they reacted to the stories that we have talked about. when we covered the 9/12 project and the tea party movement protests, they were mocked. here is what some of the blogs actually said. huffington post, which i read all the time "i watched one of the most bizarre t.v. shows that i have ever seen, glenn beck's 9/12 special on fox
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news. i don't even know what it had to do with 9/11." how about this one? other than completely coopting it for tea parties, fox news, dissent and, oh, yes, glenn beck." glenn beck promised that the 9/12 protest would be huge, partly because he was one of the primary promotors of the event." trying to make this one as he was just trying to make a statement, a self-fulfilling prophecy today, beck exaggerated the crowd size estimates on his radio show." we covered acorn. oh, no, i'm sorry, that's not them saying that. they haven't covered acorn. we have. and here's what the fringe media felt about the acorn thing. watch this. >> the embarrassing video of an acorn staffer giving tax advice on how to set up a brothel with hookers t has corruption, sleazy operations,
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government ties, but nobody is covering that story, why? >> i don't even know about it, so you have got me at a loss. i don't know. my goodness, if it's got everything including sleaziness in it, we should talk about t >> the moon fell out of the sky? what? how about the self-avowed communist van jones and the czars. van jones was not -- this was not a big guy in the white house administration. if we're all going to focus on trying to figure out who van jones and his past relationships when you go number 600 down on the list of white house staff, es is that the best use of the time of the mainstream media? we'll see. clearly some on the right had objections to van jones, and they successfully got the white house to sever ties. glenn: yeah. wait until you watch tomorrow's show. it's going to drive them
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crazy! the white house wrote this pathetic defense of the czars on their blog. many of the arbitrarily labeled czars on beck's list are senate-confirmed appointees or advisory roles carried over from previous administrations." the big defense here is that some of the czars are confirmed? oh, i feel so much better and warm inside, you know, that a guy that wants to give animals aite to sue humans and wants a new deal for the first amendment and a second bill of rights was confirmed by the senate. wow! thank you, white house. the only thing the media thinks is worth covering is the angry conservatives. they're dangerous for america! let me address the mad and angry thing here. i don't know about the rest of america, but yep, i'm mad! you saw the last segment? we got a president who says the constitution is fundamentally gnawed.
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really -- is fundamentally flawed? really? i like the constitution. sure, it does make me angry that some want to abate it like it is some sort of legal inconvene quence instead of the foundation of our society and freed the entire planet, changed everything, candles to electric lights. what a coincidence it happened after men were free. let's change it, what do you say, not in the cover of dark ness. yeah, i think a lot of people in the audience are angry. a lot of people in america are angry, the same way gandhi was angry. the same way martin luther king was angry. it's too bad we didn't have nancy pelosi back then to tell america to watch out for that angry martin luther king, because he was so forceful in his speeches, he must be dangerous. >> i think we all have to take responsibility for our actions and our words. we are a free country, and this balance between freedom
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and safety is one that we have to carefully balance. i have concerns about some of the language that is being used because i saw this myself in the late '70's in san francisco, this kind of rhetoric was very frightening. i wish that we would all again curb our enthusiasm. glenn: curb our enthusiasm? here is a good show. i haven't watched it, but i wish we would too, nancy. you saw that stuff happening in san francisco in the '70's? is that when jim jones the communist got everybody to drink kool-aid. no, it was too early for van jones, who was setting up storm in san francisco. which one is it? oh, i know! maybe it was the weather underground that you guys are hanging out with now? is it that group? help me. fill me in on that. keep letting your voices be heard and learn the lesson of gandhi and martin luther king.
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when you have the truth and the people behind you, it is powerful, a powerful thing. let me please quote frederick douglass. "weapons of war we have cast from the battle. truth is our armor, our watch word is love. let the fringe media keep ignoring you. let them keep calling you names. you don't need them. you're making progress with no thanks to them. they need you. they need you to think the opposite of that. this whole system has been built to tell you you're not really complete without thisser certain product or certain label you're buying or certain philosophy or certain politician or certain network. it's a lie. you have everything you need. you come to earth complete. as long as you have the truth. coming up, i'll show you what ordinary everyday dangerous crazy nut job citizens like you are doing by picking up the telephone and calling your
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representatives and marching in d.c. and e-mailing. i'm afraid. i'll show you what you have accomplished, next. >> sick of fighting about the same issues with the same people over and over? put down your fist and pick up glenn's new book "arguing with idiots." quality and reliability...
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glenn: what used to be called the mainstream media, i think we should call the fringe media because they are so out of step with everyday americans. i want you to look at what you have accomplished in just the last few really weeks. self avowed communist, van jones. he resigns. n.e.a. employee reassigned. acorn corruption. we talk about this. they make fun of us, and now it is exposed. did you hear what happened today? i will go with byron york in a second. are transparency. they put this thing up on the computers if by the way if you log on here your computer becomes part of federal
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government property. what? we talk about it. they made fun of us and then they take it down. how about congress and czar accountability? do we have the audio of all the people coming to the plate now? listen to this. they made fun of us on the czar thing. i think we have some pretty powerful people now coming to the plate and saying we've got to have accountability on these czars, and strangely enough, it's from this president's own party. watch this. >> i am very curious about how the white house sort of thought through some of these lower-level appointees -- i mean, not so lower level. i think that during the campaign they should used a masterful understanding of the way the media works and the way that people respond to certain kinds of allegations. it seems like they really had no idea this was going to be a problem, and that disturbs me more than anything. >> she's from media matters. who were the other two, tiffany? do you have the audio of the other two in congress?
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this is -- who is this? russ feingold. "specifically, i ask that you identify these individuals' roles and responsibilities and provide the judgments of our legal advisors as to whether and how these positions are consistent with the appointments clause." rut-ro, george. then -- i had a cupcake before i went on the air. i'm wired with sugar. then you had what's her name. there she is, i love good old what's her name. feinstein. she said she thinks it a problem when the white house appoints someone to a czar position that is clearly not defined. i don't know what a car czar does, for example, she said. hmm. looks like the crazy man and you not so crazy. wait until you hear the latest on just what has happened in the last 24 hours on acorn. progress, america, you're
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making it!
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>> bring in byron york. hello, byron. how are you? >> hi, glenn. good to be here. glenn: good. are you just saying that or do you really mean it? >> i actually do mean it. it is a very newsy day. glenn: it s there is so much happening with acorn today but before we get to that, i am am on the radio and i look up at one of the t.v. monitors and i see this ad. can we play this ad? how many does that make now? there is the drug czar, then the intelligence czar, the economic czar, border czar, homeland security terrorism czar, the regulatory czar,
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technology czar, the car czar, and now, the cyber czar! this is a d.n.c. ad. i mean, do they know i'm not running for office? it's crazy! by the way, d.n.c. just answer this -- were any of them socialists, communists or anti-capitalists in the bush administration? >> well, the fact is, you know this is getting a lot of attention in the senate, because the constitution actually gives the senate the power of add size and consent. that's where a lot of republicans, including some democrats you mentioned, russ feingold a few minutes ago, are truly pretty concerned about what is going ofnl >> i wonder if they will make fun of russ feingold or feinstein about this because they are against the star czars now, too. >> nancy pelosi said this this morning "i don't know what they passed in the senate? what did they do?
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they defunded acorn?" that was this morning she said that. what did the house do today? >> they voted to totally defund acorn, to totally ban all federal funds to acorn. it was a stunning turnaround. the house leadership didn't have to allow a vote at all. they did it. it was 345-75. in that number, 172 democrats voted to totally defund acorn. now, this is a group that has worked on behalf of democrats for decades, and in the course of a few days, support for acorn across capitol hill has just totally collapsed. glenn: ok. i'm not convinced -- by the way, don't miss tomorrow's show. there's more. i'm not convinced that this is all -- i'm so cynical now for the republicans and democrats. i don't believe any of them. how much of this is actually real? remember, you know this byron, as good as anybody else, as well as anybody else.
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it's a shell game. acorn could completely shut down and open up as jim's happy nursery rhyme store and it will be the same group of people. how much of this is really real? >> that's true. one senate aide told me today they have tentacles everywhere. you really have to work to do this, but these are real votes. you have 172 democrats in the house. you have 50 democrats in the senate. on the record, supporting cutoff of federal funds for acorn. it's going to require a lot of vigilance to make sure that happens, and of course, first of all, the senate has got to pass a bill. then there has to be a conference committee and then they have to pass the final bill and then the president has to sign it. if at any point along the way democrats could change their mind but you have on the record votes of large democratic majorities voting to defund acorn. glenn: he's going to sign it and pass it because by the time they get around to it, acorn will be a completely different organization. they will sign find the other
5:37 pm
path to corruption. and i will show you that tree on tomorrow's broadcast. another thing i have been wondering, the home fact that nancy pelosi didn't know about it this morning and they passed it today. did they read this bill? >> the acorn defunding bill is quite brief. it didn't require a lot of reading. the deal was it came up on a parliamentary measure called a motion to recommit, and the democrats, i'm told, just decided that they better just go along and get this vote out of the way instead of having a big debate over it. glenn: i've got about 30 seconds. any other big thing happen on acorn? >> the senate voted to ban all housing funds for acorn. then you see investigations called for in new york and california, and you have seen just a whole range of consciousness all of a sudden of acorn corruption. glenn: it's all happening
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because of these videos. >> a week ago, none of this was happening. glenn: those two 2 a and 28-year-olds, they're american heroes. thank you so much. we'll be back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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